Meditrain_Online is an Australian owned and based medical transcription training program. 

Your Certificate of Competency in Medical Transcription will provide you with the skills and knowledge required to enter the rapidly growing profession of medical transcription - a highly sought after skill.

Medical transcription is not something that you can learn 'on the fly'.  Although you may be an experienced medical receptionist or a registered nurse, this does not always equate or transfer easily to a career in medical transcription from home, although it will certainly assist you in completing the course with a better understanding.  

Learn at your own pace, get to know your peers, learn from the best in the industry, and unlock those hidden talents! 

Our course is tailored specifically for Australian students.

What can Meditrain_Online do for you?

  • Teach you the medical terminology required to convert audio files into comprehensive reports, letters and medicolegal documents

  • Help you learn the difference between ' hearing' and 'listening' skills 

  • Offer you our full support whilst training

  • Find you a mentor if you need one

  • Give you tips to help get your business off the ground

  • Refer you to transcription companies who are waiting for our graduates in Australia

  • Share resources