Frequently Asked Questions

Can I defer the course, and are there fees involved?

Yes, you can defer the course for up to six months at no charge. You are able to defer for longer periods of time for a one off fee.

We will endeavour to assist you in any way we can. If you are struggling, let us know so we can help.

What if I don't finish the course within 12 months?

If you are not far off finishing, we will assess this on an individual basis. If we can see consistent regular study, then we will extend at no charge for 30 days. Otherwise, you can purchase extensions for three months or a further 12 months for an additional fee.

What is the average time to complete the course?

We believe you should be able to finish the course within the 12 month time

Of course, some students will need longer and some will be finished

The ease of access to the course means you can log in whenever and
wherever you have Internet access. You are not restricted by class times,
weather, broken down cars, babysitters, public transport etc.

What sort of work will I be able to do when I complete the course?

There are several options. Of course, the aim of the training program is to encourage you to start your own business and work from home; however, there are many transcription companies that will consider contracting you to complete work.

You may not want to work from home, but in an office environment, so a specialist practice or hospital department may be right for you.

Can you guarantee a job?

Unfortunately, we do not believe anyone can guarantee jobs in these economic times, however, we do have reputable transcription companies who are happy to recruit graduates.

Upon course completion and a successful pass, we will assist you in obtaining a position/contracting role with them.

What if I decide that medical transcription is not for me?

From the time you receive your login and access the course, you have 21 days to assess the course and its content.

If you decide within that time that it may not be for you, then you will receive a refund of your registration fee less any relevant administration fees.

Written notification must received within the 21 day time frame.

NB: Administration fee of $100 will apply

How do I discuss questions/problems with other students?  Is there a forum or method of doing this?

Yes! We encourage you to join in discussions, ask questions, make comments and get to know your student peers.

Studying alone is never any fun, and if you know there are others out there doing the same thing and encountering the same problems, you will not feel so alone.

Our experienced senior MTs and mentors will also be available for assistance. You can discuss just about anything except course testing questions etc.

It's about having fun as well as learning!

What if I need help along the way?

There will never be any shortage of help any time you need it.

You will have access to the student forum, or if you would prefer to speak to us, we are available via phone, email or Skype.

Are you an accredited service/training provider?

No, we are not currently a registered training organisation. To complete this process would more than double the cost of the course as it is a very expensive process.

As a Cert IV or Diploma would not guarantee you a position/contract role any more than a Certificate of Competency would, we have decided to hold off on this for now to keep our prices down.

We will revisit this at a later date if demand deems it necessary. Rest assured it will not diminish your application when applying for a subcontractor position or employment.

Clients are more appreciative of accuracy and typing abilities than a Diploma certificate.

What if I don't have a fast typing speed?

It won’t matter initially as of course, the old adage “practise makes perfect” comes to the fore here. The more you practise the better you will become, the better you become the more you will earn.

We will advise you on instant text and other shortcuts and give you many tips along the way to help you get up to speed.

Do you have a payment plan?

We certainly do.

You can register and pay $270 each month for three months by direct debit (NB total payable using thismethod is $810)

Monthly installments are only available to credit card payments

Note: Monthly debits are credit card only

Do I need a special computer?

You can study on either a PC or MAC, however, there are some programs utilised by employers and medical transcription companies which are only compatible with a PC. You should check with providers prior to applying for positions to confirm this.